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As a part of its well established Collaborative Storage Scheme, NCS offers a seamless service from assessment of packing and storage needs, through the safe uplift and transport of collections to their protective storage at Upper Heyford.  NCS is developing an accreditation process for transport services which we expect to roll out in 2018, based on BS EN 16648 and BS EN 15946.  To provide a high quality, conservation-oriented removals and transport service, NCS has teamed up with Jamie Briggs Removals Ltd, based at Upper Heyford, near to the NCS stores.  Briggs Removals has a team of art-handling trained technicians and, with support from NCS Accredited and qualified conservation staff, can provide a bespoke service to ensure that your collections are packaged and moved with the utmost care at an affordable price.  Service level options include conservation teams to assess, clean as necessary and package vulnerable and high value collections and conservator couriers for transport all the way from your site to the shelf at our store, or elsewhere.

If tendering for removals, Full members can also use their membership funds to have one of our Expert Associates visit your site, assess and design a packaging and removal project, produce a report and estimated budget and a specification that you can use to seek project quotes.

If you would like to know more or to book a visit, contact us.