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NCS Membership is a registered non-profit organisation aimed at supporting archives, libraries and museums to care for their collections. We constantly look for innovative ways of making conservation support affordable and achievable, particularly for organisations with no conservation staff.

NCS Membership provides an Accredited expert consultant to visit you regularly and help identify and resolve conservation needs. On-site support is offered under Introductory and Full Membership, with a range of subscription charges to choose from. Organisations can also join as Supporting Members and get a range of benefits including remote advice. Conservation treatments or digitisations can also be provided as an alternative option to advisory support when required. When projects have been designed as part of a subscription, they can be delivered or tendered for by the chosen consultant at agreed additional costs. In addition standard NCS rates for conservation treatment are discounted for all NCS members and can be carried out at studios in London, Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire and Cardiff.

Typical advisory support includes:

  1. Environmental surveys for storage, reading rooms and exhibition spaces;
  2. Planning environmental improvement projects or conservation programmes, including help with fund-raising;
  3. Conservation analysis and treatment specifications for damaged items;
  4. Exhibition and loans planning, couriering, monitoring and regulatory support;
  5. Training of staff and volunteers in handling and care activities;
  6. Expert liaison with building management surveyors and mechanical engineers;
  7. Collection surveys, benchmarking and conservation management plans for funding bids and for collections in historic buildings;
  8. Help with emergency control plans and risk assessments

NCS brings together conservation consulting Associates and a range of other providers, selected to meet the highest standards of professional expertise. Conservation Associates are PACR accredited conservators or from Conservation Registered practices.

More information about membership levels and benefits can be found on our Membership Rates page