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NCS specialises in providing advice, management, practice and training in the care and conservation of archive, library and museum collections. NCS is unique in providing these services through a not-for-profit Membership scheme for institutions. Membership provides an Accredited conservator to work with custodians in their institutions, paid for through the annual membership subscription fee and at a price lower than normal consultancy charges. We aim to make conservation (aka 'collections care') available and affordable for those without conservation staff. We also seek and secure commercial partnership and sponsorship funding for schemes that make such activities as top-quality storage or environmental monitoring low cost or even free to members.

NCS is led by Accredited and qualified conservators and is at the heart of a growing network of Accredited Associates who support Members on-site or join our team to deliver specialist services. Our core expertise is conservation of archival and library collections but we bring in our Associates to help Members and clients with such heritage as works of art, textiles, archaeological and museum objects. We have nationally recognised expertise in the planning of new archive buildings and refurbishments, including in historic settings.

Our head office and London studio is in Mayfair, above the Royal Institution.  We have a partnership with Hackney Borough Council and use studio facilities at their modern library and archive at Dalston Square and we recently launched a partnership with Glamorgan Archive to provide 'NCS Wales', a service aimed at supporting members across Wales.  We also have a studio at our ground-breaking collaborative storage service (managed by Restore Plc) in Oxfordshire.  We also have agreements to operate out of studios elsewhere and we work on-site with members from as far afield as Falmouth in Cornwall, Bangor in North Wales, Perth in Scotland and Jersey.  We also have a business outlet in France for any Euro currency projects.

To find out how we can help you, look through this site at our different initiatives and membership rates or contact NCS.