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NCS Free Environmental Monitoring Scheme

NCS is delighted to have gained sponsorship support to offer a unique environmental monitoring scheme for archives, libraries and museums.

This service will provide, free of charge:

  • One year free membership of NCS at Supporting Member level;
  • One site visit by an Accredited conservation expert to discuss the environmental needs of your collections and the building in which they are housed;
  • Recommendations and guidance on improvements;
  • Identification of a suitable location and placement of one environmental sensor to record temperature and humidity data throughout the year (and the option to rent further loggers at the member discount of £3 per week);
  • Periodic downloads plus alerts if required;
  • An annual report and assessment with further recommendations

Monitoring is an essential part of the preventative conservation of your collections and a means of measuring its success against benchmarks such as PD5454:2012 and PAS:198:2012. Key to its effectiveness is the expert analysis and interpretation of findings, to establish where things need to be changed and to help you gain support for improvements.

If you would like to enrol your institution on this scheme, write to enquiries@ncs.org.uk