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'Passive Aggriessive' - Changing the Climate in Archive & museum Storage

Conference Series 2018

In July, September and October 2018, NCS ran a series of four conferences in partnership with The National Archives, The National Library of Wales/MALD, The National Galleries of Scotland and The National Gallery of Ireland, and generously sponsored by Bruynzeel Storage Systems Ltd.

The conferences looked at the new standard for archive, museum and library buildings, EN 16893:2018, and for conservation of archives BS 4071:2017.  These new standards promote the use of passive climate storage, in contrast to the old BS5454, now formally withdrawn (and taking their lead from PD5454:2012 and PAS198:2012, both also now withdrawn).

The conference delegates were from a wide range of institutions and organisations, with archivists, museum and facilities managers, conservators, engineers and architects.  There were presentations about the changes to the standards, about how existing archive and museum institutions are switching off old air conditioning plant and moving to passive storage climates and how architects and engineers are approaching new building designs that emphsasise passive, low energy structures.  The series was very well attended, with approximately 500 delegates.  The topic was clearly a very popular one and feedback was excellent.  A series of presentations from the speakers can be viewed below and more will be mounted soon.   We are extremely grateful to all the speakers and to our hosts and sponsors. If you have any questions about the topic, please contact us at enquiries@ncs.org.uk


C Woods NCS New Standards & BS5454 to EN16893 Changing the Climate

M Chappell NCS member case studies

S VanSnick The National Archives Our Environmental Management Journey case sudy

D Santorini Warwickshire Archives switching off case study

A Cartwright Hereford Cathedral Library, Archive and Mappa Mundi display case study

A Locker Institution for Engineering & Technology Archive case study

J Hines Architype Architects Passive and Passivhaus

R Woods N Smith UrbanFabric Architects & Arup New Cornwall County Archive Building

S Hart I Bushmer PRS Architects New Suffolk Record Office Design

T Lee & M Jones lee Fitzgerald & Hoare Lea Brasenose Archive passive underground historic building

E Wyn Simpson Bangor University Archive switching to passive case study

C Sclater Scot Nat Gallery display re-design

E Kotze UnivSt Andrews High Maintenance & Out of Control

Reiach and Hall Nuclear Decom Agency Cathness Archive design

C Clarke Design Criteria Nat Archives of Ireland

C Croly Nat Gallery of Ireland Climate Control