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The NCS Conservation Grants Fund has been established to promote fund-raising for conservation and to provide small grants.  You can donate to the NCS Fund, apply for a grant from it or set up your own campaign to raise funds for a project.

The NCS Fund provides grants for the following:

1.  Project Development - to pay for an Accredited Conservator to assess an item or small collection that is currently unfit for use by researchers or for display and to produce a condition report, recommend the nature of any conservation measures required and propose a likely budget figure for such work.  This report can then be used by an institution to bid for wider project funding (e.g. to the NMCT, AIM, HLF etc.);

2.  Pre-acquisition Support - to pay for an Accredited Conservator to assess the condition of an item or collection BEFORE your institution acquires it and to produce a report setting out this condition and any short-term risks (damp, mould, pest contamination etc.) and long-term conservation needs, including packaging and copying, that it may incur;

3.  Volunteer Support - to contribute to a volunteer-assisted conservation project (such as cleaning and packaging collections) by providing a budget to cover basic travel costs for volunteers and/or consumable supplies such as cleaning materials, tying tapes, archival wrapping or paper etc.);

4.  Membership - to provide an institution with its first year of Full membership with NCS, with a view to following years being funded by the institution's own resources;

5.  Support with Lending - for an institution to pay for an Accredited Conservator to carry out a condition assessment of an item before and after a loan to another institution, making recommendations on its conservation needs (light levels, mounts, preparation treatment etc.) and, if necessary, supporting its installation and deinstallation.


The Fund has been started with money donated by our Business Partners (who donate their membership fee to the Fund annually) and by a start-up gift by the Dyson Trust.  Further donations are sought and a means of donating is provided below for those wishing to support the Fund.

All heritage collecting institutions (public and private) that make their collections available to researchers in some form are eligible to apply for a grant.  Any collection or object type can be the subject of a grant application.  Grants are typically for £500 to £1000.  There is no fixed timetable for grant applications.  Applications will be considered as they arrive and grants made in any one year will depend on the funds available.  The Directors of NCS will form a panel for decisions where required, inviting a third party expert if necessary.

If you would like to donate to the NCS grant fund please click the donate button below:

Donate to the NCS grant fund

Alternatively if you are looking for grant funding please click the apply button below:

Apply for funding


Crowd Funding for a Project

The Fund also provides a mechansim to promote crowd-funding by institutions and by their users.  If you are an archive, library or museum with a user group, or a user/researcher who wishes an otherwise inaccessible item to be conserved and made available, you can use the Fund Raise option below to start a campaign amongst your friends or community to raise funds towards a project.  The donations made to your campaign will automatically be ring-fenced for that purpose as part of the fund raising system provided by CharityCheckout.  As a user/researcher you will need to have gained permission from the institution manager to raise funds for the object.  You will need to have been provided with a conservation report from an Accredited Conservator setting out the likely costs and therefore grant target required.  Click on the Fund Raise tab below and it will take you to CharityCheckout, where you can register for an NCS project, set out a description of the project you want to raise funds for and invite your friends and/or users to donate.  If you need help with this, email us on enquiries@ncs.org.uk


Fund Raising