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NCS Quality Mark - Trusted Digitisers

NCS aims to help insitutions to improve the conservation of their collections.  One way of doing this is to develop ways to assess what constitutes 'good conservation', wherever collections need to be protected.  Following a period of consultation, and with thanks to those who gave their time and expertise to comment on a draft, we are pleased to be issuing the first of our NCS Quality Mark standards.  We hope over time to develop more to cover such services as heritage transport providers and, using our new Product Testing Service, giving Quality Mark status to those tested products that show they present a low risk to heritage on display or in storage.

Our first NCS Quality Mark covers digitisation service providers and is aimed at supporting institutions who use third-party digitising companies to capture images from ‘hard copy’ materials such as paper, books, art etc.  Digitisation providers who wish to demonstrate that their services protect heritage during copying can apply for this NCS Quality Mark designation and NCS will list them on its website as Quality Mark compliant and make announcements when the Mark is achieved by a provider.

Those planning a project and thinking of commisioning digitisation may wish to seek providers who meet the NCS Quality Mark, either those which have been designated as Quality Mark providers in due course or, in the short term, ask them to include elements from within the QM document when submitting their tenders.  A copy can be downloaded here:

NCS Quality Mark Digitisation Service Providers 2019 PDF

Digitisers wishing to meet the QM standards and be designated with the NCS Quality Mark can contact us to discuss applying, by writing to enquiries@ncs.org.uk