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BandSite Visits
p.a. full days
Extra hours email & phone
support p.a. for each Band
(exc. of VAT)
Supporting 0   £60.00 Join now
Introductory Storage 1 2 £350.00 Join now
Full Membership        
  2   £580.00 Join now
1 3 4 £870.00 Join now
  4   £1160.00 Join now
  5   £1450.00 Join now
2 6 8 £1740.00 Join now
  7   £2030.00 Join now
  8   £2320.00 Join now
3 9 12 £2610.00 Join now
  10   £2900.00 Join now
Business Membership   Donation to the NCS Conservation Grants Fund £3000.00 Contact us
Business Partners   Joint Service Providers £POA Contact us

Subscription BAND 1

Band 1 is the most affordable Full Membership level. In addition to the services indicated below, you will be kept up-to-date with our activities and have secure access to your own part of the Members' Area where your own conservation files will be held as well as our growing library of free standards and resources.  You will also be eligible to join our Collaborative Storage Scheme, operated with our partners Restore Plc, to participate in our Free Environmental Monitoring Scheme, for discounts on rental of monitoring equipment and on conservation project rates for work undertaken by our team of conservators, including digitisation. Under this Band you can choose between 2, 3 or 4 days per annum of site visits with your Associate Conservator or Expert, logged as half or whole days.  You can also schedule online meetings with your Associate, recorded by quarters (2, 4, 6 or 8 hours) by agreement, to be drawn from your membership days.

In addition, the following are the kinds of support members receive under Band 1, or you can mix and match with others listed under Bands 2 and 3:

i. any of the following within the annual time available under the membership level chosen:
  • basic preservation priority evaluation based on use/nature of collection;
  • basic environmental survey;
  • advice and guidance for staff in care, handling, benchmarking, survey etc;
  • outline for development of a collection project or disaster plan;
  • advice and support with a funding application for a project;
  • follow-up reports for any of the above as necessary.
ii. One free conservation condition assessment report in the studio for a significant item including photography/microscopy as necessary and specification for works;
iii. At least 4 additional remote hours p.a. telephone and email support for technical advice and support.

Alternatively, at the same Band 1 price option you can choose defined conservation treatment, monitoring or digitisation works to the same level of cost including all relevant reports.  The non-profit membership company retains up to 15% of Full membership subscriptions to pay for auditing, financial administration, membership secretary support and the members' area.  If additional services or purchases are selected for expenditure of unused membership days, the sum we can use on your behalf is currently £250 per day equivalent.