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To meet the onerous specifications in PD5454 and EN16893, storage repositories must represent the lowest possible risk to valuable heritage collections intended to be protected for generations to come. Upper Heyford was assessed against the standard's criteria for risk has been approved by the National Security Adviser.  It meets the following:

  • Security of location – Upper Heyford's ex-airforce site represents high security in a low risk location;
  • Security of building – the hardened aircraft shelters, converted to storage units, are massive impregnable structures with the addition of state-of-the-art security access controls;
  • Low fire risk – there are no external fire risks at the site and internal risks are designed out as far as possible in the conversion;
  • Fire protection – aspirating fire detection systems are installed to maximise investigation time should anything unexpected happen and inert gas suppression is installed in special storage rooms (e.g. cool storage);
  • Flood protection – Heyford is on a hill, well above the specified minimum hundred year flood plain level with excellent drainage provision in and around the ex-aircraft shelters and no water supply inside;
  • Collection management – Restore's justified reputation as providers of tight location control and retrieval services support the protection of collections against loss.

For more information contact: enquiries@ncs.org.uk.