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The aim of this collaborative scheme is to provide conservation standard storage at a bargain price, so that all those responsible for the care of historic collections can afford to have the best storage environment in a top security location.

To be eligible for the low prices and have your collection storage monitored by NCS's qualified and Accredited Conservators, you and your organisation will need to be responsible for heritage collections such as archives, books, museum objects, works of art and archaeological artefacts. If your organisation is not already a Full member you will need to become a member of NCS, at Introductory level in the first year (which costs £350 + VAT) and as a minimum at Supporting Member level in the following years while your collections are under our care (currently £64 + VAT p.a.).  For existing Full members there is no annual charge for joining the scheme.  Membership covers initial year one support on your site to assess any mould, damp or pest contamination risks (due diligence checking) and advise on packaging and environmental matters for your collections.  We will support you through the move to Heyford and monitor conditions and service quality on your behalf, reporting on these in your Member Area of our website.  Joining the scheme provides other benefits of membership, contact us for more information about these and go to the How does it Work? page for answers to frequently asked storage scheme questions.

Your storage contract will be with Restore Plc for renting space, while your NCS membership means that you can rest assured that the environment and other standards are being monitored for you and conservation expertise is on hand. Restore's contract with us ensures you get a fixed price for storage and allows us to instruct the storing institutions to pause paying rent if any standard specified is not being met, until it is remedied.

To join the scheme or to get information about it contact: marie@ncs.org.uk.