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Dust, dirt, 'red-rot' and disorganised storage and packaging can be real headaches for archivists, librarians and collection managers, especially where staff numbers are low. They can also make handling and use of collections difficult, jeopardise long term preservation of materials and undermine attempts to demonstrate that an institution is worthy of Accreditation or of grant aid.

NCS has developed a range of low cost support services that can be delivered on-site in your institution. A team of qualified conservators, under the direction of an Accredited conservator, can work with you to design and deliver programmes of work such as cleaning collections and storage fittings, measuring and fitting standard or bespoke boxes, minor repairs and consolidation of rotted leather books. By dovetailing different work streams that deal with a range of collection problems, we have developed fast, efficient and economic projects that result in large-scale improvements for as many items as possible. For those planning a move to a new or off-site location, our team can help you by sorting, packing up, labelling or bar-coding collections and ensure that this is done with the utmost care. You can hire a team of two for a little as £290 per day.

To find out more contact NCS or to get help as part of an annual support plan, join the National Conservation Service.