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The environment in which your collections are held is the most significant factor in their long term care and use. Parchment, paper, photographic, textile and wooden objects are damaged in damp and excessively dry conditions. Daylight, fluorescent lighting and insect pests are common causes of damage and atmospheric pollutants hasten chemical decay.

NCS can survey and assess the building environment for your collections and develop projects to improve conditions, including specification design and delviery of new structures. Following the tenets of BS 4971:2017 and EN 16893:2018, we offer expert liaison with building management and mechanical engineers to ensure that your needs are understood and met. We undertake small and large scale monitoring schemes to understand the nature and causes of problems in storage, reading rooms and exhibition spaces. We provide a free data logger monitoring service for one location and further locations for one Full membership day subscription p.a., identifying the best places to monitor, downloading and interpreting data and providing environmental reports.  For Full members we can add pest monitoring in with the environmental monitoring and produce an annual report.

Whether your building has air conditioning, heating only or passive environments we can establish the nature of any weaknesses and work with you to achieve appropriate conditions, including helping you to secure additional resources for improvements. We can also arrange for your materials to be transferred to alternative high quality secure storage either during an improvement project or for their longer term care. We will survey all the sources of potential damage including climate, air quality, light and insects and provide you with detailed reports on your environment, including conservation management plans for collections in historic buildings. With modern digital sensors we can continuously monitor your collections online, even for international exhibitions worldwide.

To find out more about our environmental control and monitoring service, contact NCS, or to receive these services as part of an annual support plan, join the National Conservation Service.