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Chris Woods
PGDipcons, BAhons
CertCons RMARA


Chris Woods is an Accredited Conservator with nearly 40 years of experience working in the heritage sector and is Managing Director of NCS, which he founded in 2009. Chris's former public sector roles have included Head of Conservation & Collection Care at the Bodleian Library, Oxford University, and Director of Collection & Programme Services for the Tate galleries. Chris has published, lectured and taught in a range of specialist fields, notably building and storage environments, parchment manuscripts, archival seals and plastic photographic negatives. Currently chair of the British Standards Institution's committee responsible for BS4971:2017 Conservation & Care of Archive and Library Collections (and formerly for the BS5454 before it was withdrawn), Chris is also active in Europe, having led the work to develop EN 16893:2018 Specifications for Buildings, which replaced BS5454, and EN 17820:2023 Specifications for Managing Collections.  Chris advises Lincoln, Hereford and Salisbury Cathedrals on the care of their Magna Carta exemplars.

Chris was a founding trustee and company director of Icon, the Institute of Conservation, and formerly chair of its predecessor UKIC. He led the establishment of Icon's Conservation Register on taking it over from the Museums and Galleries Commission, of its PACR accreditation scheme management board and its HLF-funded Internship Bursary Scheme. Chris's professional publications include:

Magna Carta - the care and use of iconic cultural treasures – Care & Conservation of Manuscripts, Museum Tusculanum Press University of Copenhagen 2011
'The Conservation of Parchment', in The Conservation of Leather and Related Materials, ed. R Thompson, M Kite, Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford 2005
Meeting the Montreal Protocol: Halon Replacements for Archives, Society of Archivists Journal volume 24 no. 2, 2002
Conservation Treatments for Parchment Documents, Society of Archivists Journal volume 16 no. 2 1995
The Nature & Treatment of Wax & Shellac Seals, Society of Archivists Journal volume 15 no. 2 1994