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The conservation (sometimes called 'preservation' or 'care') of your collections relies on an institutional policy to articulate what, how and why you preserve them and the strategy you will use to make it possible. Writing a conservation policy and strategy may be the most important step in gaining the support and resources you need. Often it can be challenging, but without it you will not easily attract external or even internal funding support.

NCS can work with you to establish your conservation aims and objectives and to articulate these in a way that will help you gain support. We will identify a systematic strategy, describing the conservation challenges and the steps to their resolution, and define the ongoing resource needs that will set your plans in a sustainable framework.

Good practice in conservation management includes such tools as Benchmark assessment for collection care, as published by Collections Link, and the use of collection level surveys. NCS will help you choose the right measure for evaluating your conservation needs, work with you to implement these and help bid for support. We can undertake an institutional review of conservation, covering such areas as:

  • Building management provision
  • Staffing and resource strategy and budget planning
  • Risk analysis, service continuity and emergency response
  • Scope of users and non-users and impact assessment
  • Potential for external funding
  • Outreach and access programmes with preservation benefits

If you are thinking of bidding for Heritage Lottery funding, we can write your Conservation and Management & Maintenance Plans, essential parts of all larger projects.

To find out how we can help you with conservation strategy and management, contact NCS, or to receive these services as part of an annual support plan, join the National Conservation Service.