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Archives, libraries and museums increasingly have to rely on external project support for once core activities such as conservation and digitisation programmes. The trouble is, most custodians are too hard pressed delivering the front line services to have time to identify, design and bid for project funds. Such funds can come from internal sources such as capital resources for building improvements or collection sorting, cleaning and packaging programmes, or external sources such as the National Manuscript Conservation Trust for conservation treatment projects, or the Heritage Lottery Fund for a wide range of conservation and outreach activities.

NCS has an excellent track record in helping generate funding for institutions in order to get prioritised projects carried out. We will discuss your objectives, survey collections or buildings to gather essential project data and design and specify projects, build budgets and produce action plans. Directors Chris Woods and Elizabeth Oxborrow-Cowan have years of experience as registered Heritage Lottery Fund project advisers.  Together with Lead Associate Jonathan Rhys-Lewis and our other Accredited Associates, we have successfully developed, designed and bid for project funding and supported project developers by producing Conservation Plans and Management & Maintenance Plans for applications. NCS members and clients can attest to the successful achievement of capital improvement projects and conservation programmes arising from our support. And we have an enviable success record in attracting commercial sponsorship to carry out new initiatives, events and training activities.

We believe that the money exists for most of the conservation-related activities and projects you require and it is our job to identify, plan, advocate and help you get that funding and achieve those project goals. If you want to discuss a possible project contact NCS or to receive this support as part of an annual plan join the National Conservation Service.