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NCS Free Environmental Monitoring Scheme

Environmental monitoring is an essential part of the preventive conservation of your collections and a means of measuring its success against benchmark standards such as B4971:2017 and for Accreditation. Key to its effectiveness is the expert analysis and interpretation of findings, to establish where things need to be changed and to help you gain support for improvements. Every NCS member, at any level, can take advantage of our free environmental monitoring.  The scheme provides a data logger to monitor one location free of charge.  Data is downloaded periodically and the record is placed in your Member Area folder.  One of our Accredited Conservator Associates will review the data from time to time and contact you to advise.  If a logger is lost or gets damaged we will replace it free of charge at least once per member site.

Full members can have additional locations monitored at a cost of one day subscription per year (the free location remains free of charge).  If this is selected, pest monitoring can be added for all the locations at no additional cost, including the free location.  For Supporting members, if you need more than one location monitored we will do so at a fee of £6.00 per week per additional location.  Or you might consider upgrading to Full membership for comprehensive support and an additional location will cost one day subscription per extra location, maintaining your one free location at no charge.  If you decide to have additional locations monitored under Full membership we will add pest monitoring for all the monitored location at no extra cost.

Under Full Membership, your allocated Associate will visit and gather information about the building location and collections held and if you have more than one location monitored we will produce an annual environmental report with recommendations, including pest monitoring data if chosen.

If you would like to enrol your institution on this scheme write to enquiries@ncs.org.uk