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Creating an archive or museum store that protects your collections for the long term with minimal energy use and maintenance, and at low cost, may seem unachievable.  The high standards of protection required under BS4971:2017 and BS EN16893 can seem out of reach for many, and low cost and high quaity seem to be contradictory.  However, many of the high costs and poor standards in archival environments and fire protection have been those actually introduced by badly considered mechanical engineering and ill-thought out construction.  Many of the failing features of poor stores are themselves high cost elements, with high energy wastage and constant unnecessary maintenance cost.

Having spent years advising custodians on what is wrong with their storage areas and what can be done to improve them, NCS has now set up a professional partnership aimed at offering low cost, high quality sustainable stores.  This takes our building management service from monitoring and diagnosis to design and construction of fire resistant, secure, thermally stable, air tight and water tight stores, in new locations or within existing buildings, aimed at meeting or exceeding EN 16893 and BS 4971.

Mike West of Arcade Ltd. has joined the NCS team as an Expert Associate.  Mike has worked for Arcade UK Ltd for over 25 years and in a number of industries that require critical environmental control, including complex projects at CERN for the Large Hadron Collider and the recent British Film Institute Poster and Paper store refurbishment at Berkhamsted. Mike is often called upon to troubleshoot environmental control issues and has wealth of experience in understanding and getting to the bottom of issues many archival stores appear to have.

NCS Building Services are available to all members: under existing Full membership or as additional projects, and to Supporting members at member-discounted consultancy rates.  For further information contact us.